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Guanajuato Apartment at La Casa Rosa

Two-room garden apartment in central Guanajuato

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Gto Panorama
Guanajuato Panorama


This amazing panorama was created by Brooke Kantor of Guanajuato. It consists of 768 high-resolution telephoto images, captured with the aid of a GigaPan camera mount and stitched together with GigaPan software. Taken from the Pípila monument, it offers a 180-degree view not only of central Guanajuato but beyond as far as the hills of Valenciana. Use the wheel of your mouse or the controls on the left to zoom in tight on individual buildings, or on pedestrians in the Jardín de la Unión just to the right of bottom center. As you zoom in, give your computer a moment to refocus. You can also drag the panorama in any direction as you explore. 

To see a larger version of the panorama, or if it doesn't appear below, click here to view it on the GigaPan website.